Westminster School 5K
Saturday, November 04, 2017
Annandale, VA
Conducted by RacePacket, Inc

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96 Finishers
?PositionBib #NameTimeChipGenderCityStateAgeAge Rank
1142Susanna Sullivan17:21 00:17:21FRestonVA271st 5K Female
2150Romain Mareuil17:58 00:17:57MWashingtonDC361st 5K Male
3144Joel DeWolfe18:06 00:18:02MAnnandaleVA152nd 5K Male
4143LARRY GROSSMAN19:14 00:19:14MWashingtonDC543rd 5K Male
572KARINA LUBELL19:54 00:19:53FWashingtonDC372nd 5K Female
6141Jose Sejas20:03 00:20:03MAnnandaleVA521st Male 50-59
7140Jenn Dietz20:05 00:20:04FArlingtonVA323rd 5K Female
8133AMIT MEHTA21:40 00:21:40MAnnandaleVA141st Male 9-14
92ERIN ABDELRAZAQ21:48 00:21:40MAlexandriaVA261st Male 20-29
1028KHASEEM DAVIS22:31 00:22:29MArlingtonVA522nd Male 50-59
11118DANIEL WISER JR22:40 00:22:19MWashingtonDC262nd Male 20-29
1210Jacob Bredbenner23:14 00:23:13MAnnandaleVA122nd Male 9-14
1385BRIAN O'NEILL23:30 00:23:30MArlingtonVA411st Male 40-49
1426GABRIELE DAMIANI23:39 00:23:36MAnnandaleVA422nd Male 40-49
1513CHARLIE BREEN24:02 00:23:54MFairfaxVA171st Male 15-19
1625Mealy Cronin24:21 00:24:21FAlexandriaVA121st Female 9-14
17127Bill Grant24:59 00:24:59MBurkeVA453rd Male 40-49
1819BLAISE CASTRO25:12 00:25:11FfairfaxVA142nd Female 9-14
19111EMILY TOWNSEND25:13 00:25:12FFalls ChurchVA143rd Female 9-14
2097SEBASTIAN ROBERTS25:19 00:25:13MFalls ChurchVA113rd Male 9-14
21152ROBERT ORR25:41 00:25:41MRestonVA381st Male 30-39
22157Bill Tracy25:46 00:25:43MBurkeVA641st Male 60 and over
2340SAMUEL GEBREMARIAM25:54 00:25:48MFalls ChurchVA523rd Male 50-59
2422MAX CASTRO26:17 00:26:17MfairfaxVA104th Male 9-14
25119Arleigh Womack26:18 00:26:18MFairfaxVA95th Male 9-14
2682LANE NEMIROW26:34 00:26:30MArlingtonVA464th Male 40-49
27145Patricia Neff26:40 00:26:40FSpringfieldVA611st Female 60 and over
2854TREY HOUSE26:53 00:26:45MFalls ChurchVA415th Male 40-49
2984TIM O'LEARY27:03 00:26:57MFalls ChurchVA322nd Male 30-39
3087IVAN OPPONG27:40 00:27:39MAlexandriaVA353rd Male 30-39
3147LEONARDO GUERRA27:57 00:27:55MAlexandriaVA594th Male 50-59
32137DREW REYNOLDS28:02 00:27:55MFalls ChurchVA496th Male 40-49
3365MEGAN LEE28:18 00:28:08FAnnandaleVA171st Female 15-19
3455KATHERYN HOUT28:18 00:28:08FAnnandaleVA172nd Female 15-19
3598JORI SAPPER28:38 00:28:30FWashingtonDC311st Female 30-39
36156KEITH WEIDNER28:47 00:28:47MAnnandaleVA384th Male 30-39
3712Matthew Bredbenner28:57 00:28:54MAnnandaleVA96th Male 9-14
38135Fleur Raphael29:01 00:29:01FFort WashigtonMD451st Female 40-49
39154John Powers29:15 00:29:13MFalls ChurchVA467th Male 40-49
40153KARA CHOE29:16 00:29:16FArlingtonVA462nd Female 40-49
4148ALEXANDER HEARN29:45 00:29:42MSpringfieldVA127th Male 9-14
4286CRISTINA O'NEILL29:45 00:29:43FArlingtonVA352nd Female 30-39
4338Carolann Fulk29:49 00:29:49FAnnandaleVA652nd Female 60 and over
4453HUDSON HOUSE30:08 00:29:58MFalls ChurchVA118th Male 9-14
4590INA PEEV30:22 00:30:13FAshburnVA114th Female 9-14
46112KEVIN UHRMACHER30:25 00:30:13MWashingtonDC253rd Male 20-29
47138RAHEL BEKELE30:25 00:30:05Ffalls churchVA483rd Female 40-49
48100ALEXA SCHMIDT30:25 00:30:14FTysonsVA241st Female 20-29
4945GAVIN GRANT30:46 00:30:41MBurkeVA119th Male 9-14
508JULIE SARA BOYD30:52 00:30:46FFalls ChurchVA404th Female 40-49
5169Jeremy Lees31:08 00:31:07MFalls ChurchVA1010th Male 9-14
5220LUKE CASTRO31:30 00:31:30MfairfaxVA1211th Male 9-14
53114LEYLA USTUN31:40 00:31:36FFairfaxVA125th Female 9-14
5456Akasha Husnain31:46 00:31:45MAnnandaleVA1312th Male 9-14
5562RONAN KIM32:08 00:32:08MSpringfieldVA1013th Male 9-14
5630Dorian Diaz32:10 00:31:56MLortonVA152nd Male 15-19
5757ELEANOR JACOBSON32:19 00:32:16FALEXANDRIAVA136th Female 9-14
589David Bredbenner32:20 00:32:17MAnnandaleVA565th Male 50-59
5949ROSA HEARN32:39 00:32:33FSpringfieldVA495th Female 40-49
60113KADIR USTUN32:40 00:32:37MFairfaxVA408th Male 40-49
6144PHEBE GRANDISON32:51 00:32:49FAnnandaleVA137th Female 9-14
6291SYLVIE PEEV32:54 00:32:45FAshburnVA426th Female 40-49
6373ADIL MARGHUB33:10 00:33:04MViennaVA489th Male 40-49
64101ANMOL SIKRI34:07 00:34:00MBurkeVA4810th Male 40-49
65102ARCHANA SIKRI34:10 00:34:04FBurkeVA467th Female 40-49
66109ETHAN POWERS34:21 00:34:19MFalls ChurchVA5
67121CHRISTIAN YETINAYET34:42 00:34:42MAlexandriaVA1014th Male 9-14
6889JENNIFER PEARSON34:43 00:34:43FManassasVA118th Female 9-14
69155MARIA JEFFERSON34:53 00:34:48FSilver SpringMD353rd Female 30-39
7023SUSAN CONNELL35:15 00:35:10FAnnandaleVA561st Female 50-59
7137Justice Emord35:22 00:35:22MCliftonVA915th Male 9-14
7294FLEUR RAPHAEL35:26 00:35:19FFort WashingtonMD458th Female 40-49
73115NATHANIA USTUN35:28 00:35:25FFairfaxVA512nd Female 50-59
744NASIM ABDUL KHAALIQ36:27 00:36:27MArlingtonVA1216th Male 9-14
7595JUSTIN REYNOLDS36:28 00:36:18MAlexandriaVA4211th Male 40-49
7624Mac Cronin38:53 00:38:52MAlexandriaVA1017th Male 9-14
7735Angelica Emord38:56 00:38:54FCliftonVA99th Female 9-14
78130MINA ALI-MINAYAR39:34 00:39:33FAnnandaleVA910th Female 9-14
7927NELOFUR DAMIANI39:37 00:39:29FAnnandaleVA419th Female 40-49
8043KELLIE GOLDSTEIN39:38 00:39:38FFalls ChurchVA4810th Female 40-49
81131ALI MINAYAR39:39 00:39:37MAnnandaleVA4912th Male 40-49
82160Susan Klein40:08 00:40:08FAnnandaleVA503rd Female 50-59
83120Arleigh Womack40:13 00:40:09MWashingtonDC4213th Male 40-49
841MARZIA ABBASI42:35 00:42:25FViennaVA4411th Female 40-49
8552HAYDN HOUSE42:53 00:42:45FFalls ChurchVA1111th Female 9-14
86158AYAH TAJICK42:53 00:42:44FViennaVA1112th Female 9-14
873LAILAH ABDUK KHAALIQ43:06 00:43:06FArlingtonVA1113th Female 9-14
88104MARY IVY SMITH-MENSAH43:06 00:43:06FWoodbridgeVA1114th Female 9-14
8978Luke Mills43:14 00:43:13MViennaVA506th Male 50-59
90159ALIREZA TAJICK43:15 00:43:15MViennaVA547th Male 50-59
9193MARY POWERS44:16 00:44:06FFalls ChurchVA4112th Female 40-49
9275SARAH MARGHUB46:08 00:46:04FViennaVA1215th Female 9-14
9318HELENA BRUCK46:11 00:46:08FFalls ChurchVA1216th Female 9-14
94149SHALINI SETTY46:34 00:46:34FMcLeanVA1317th Female 9-14
95148GAYATRI SETTY46:43 00:46:40MMcLeanVA918th Male 9-14
96139TREVOR KLEIN46:53 00:46:51MAnnandaleVA1119th Male 9-14
97110ELIZABETH TOWNSEND46:55 00:46:43FFalls ChurchVA4913th Female 40-49
9874SAFI MARGHUB48:10 00:48:06MViennaVA1220th Male 9-14
9983CAITRIONA O'DRUDY48:11 00:47:58FViennaVA564th Female 50-59
10064KRISTINE LEE48:11 00:47:59FANNANDALEVA4714th Female 40-49
10179Megan Mills48:11 00:47:58FViennaVA1018th Female 9-14
102122CHANG YI48:47 00:48:29MFairfaxVA4214th Male 40-49
10331Marisol Diaz48:47 00:48:33FLortonVA384th Female 30-39
10458KATE JACOBSON49:07 00:48:51FALEXANDRIAVA4015th Female 40-49
105105NEGAR TEHRANI49:09 00:48:52FFairfaxVA4616th Female 40-49
10632Grace Djeu49:19 00:49:02FannandaleVA395th Female 30-39
10741SUSAN GLAZIER49:36 00:49:17FAnnandaleVA663rd Female 60 and over
10842ELLIS GLOVER49:36 00:49:29MAnnandaleVA672nd Male 60 and over
10960SAMANTHA KAGAN50:53 00:50:43FFairfaxVA252nd Female 20-29
11061THOMAS KAGAN50:54 00:50:43MFairfaxVA274th Male 20-29
1117MUNIRA BASIR50:55 00:50:44FArlingtonVA386th Female 30-39
11211Maria Bredbenner51:40 00:51:40FAnnandaleVA525th Female 50-59
11346EMMA GRDINA53:13 00:52:54FWASHINGTONDC263rd Female 20-29
11499KEVIN SCHAUL53:13 00:52:54MWASHINGTONDC265th Male 20-29
11581JULIANNE MUELLER53:21 00:53:09FFalls ChurchVA614th Female 60 and over
116116FAIRIS WALKER53:22 00:53:10FAnnandaleVA506th Female 50-59
1176JULIE BANGNGIT53:40 00:53:35FViennaVA4317th Female 40-49
11870Maren Lees54:24 00:54:08FFalls ChurchVA8
11971Mia Lees54:25 00:54:10FFalls ChurchVA8
12068Jaime Lees54:47 00:54:31FFalls ChurchVA4818th Female 40-49
12167Craig Lees55:14 00:54:58MFalls ChurchVA4515th Male 40-49
122106COOKIE TELAHUN55:32 00:55:27FFalls ChurchVA507th Female 50-59
123123MARYAM ZAIDI55:33 00:55:28FViennaVA4819th Female 40-49
12488KARINA OROZCO56:02 00:55:55FAlexandriaVA4720th Female 40-49
12592Karen Pinckney56:17 00:56:09FFairfaxVA4021st Female 40-49
126136MICHAL DASEK57:51 00:57:46MFalls ChurchVA1321st Male 9-14
12750TRISTAN HEARN1:05:02 01:04:53MSpringfieldVA173rd Male 15-19
12880Steven Mills1:05:27 01:05:27MViennaVA164th Male 15-19

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