RacePacket Regional Runner Rankings

Compiled by James Moreland

Since 2012, RacePacket is the home of the Regional Runner Rankings. The goal of the runner rankings is to rank the best runners of Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia in five-year age groups. If you place well in a race and want it included in the rankings, be sure to ask the race director to e-mail the complete results to the RacePacket at james@racepacket.com so the race can be posted on the RacePacket Web site and counted in the runner rankings.

Runners will be ranked by age divisions for both men and women, with the divisions being open, 19 & younger, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79 and 80 & older. Runners must run a minimum of two qualifying races including distances from 5K to the marathon. All the races will be converted to a 10K equivalent. At the bottom is a chart for the qualifying times for each division/sex.

There will be four seasonal rankings and a Best of the Year which will decide the top runners in the open as well as 12 age groups.

James Moreland
Winter 2015SummaryMenWomen
Best of 2014SummaryMenWomen
Fall 2014SummaryMenWomen
Summer 2014SummaryMenWomen
Interim 2014SummaryMenWomen
Spring 2014SummaryMenWomen
Winter 2014SummaryMenWomen
Best of 2013SummaryMenWomen
Fall 2013SummaryMenWomen
Summer 2013SummaryMenWomen
Interim 2013SummaryMenWomen
Spring 2013SummaryMenWomen
Winter 2013SummaryMenWomen
Best of 2012SummaryMenWomen
Fall 2012SummaryMenWomen
Summer 2012SummaryMenWomen
Interim 2012SummaryMenWomen
The qualifying standards for the 10K:
Age Group Men Women
Open 34:20 41:15
19 & younger 38:20 46:05
35-39 36:40 44:10
40-44 38:20 46:05
45-49 39:45 48:45
50-54 42:00 51:45
55-59 43:55 54:30
60-64 49:45 62:05
65-69 52:50 75:00
70-74 56:20 89:40
75-79 1:32:30 1:39:00
80 & older 1:45:00 1:50:00