HCS All-Fruit Relay
Oakland Mills Middle School, Columbia, MD
Sunday, May 25, 2008
Conducted by Howard County Striders

Neighbors in the Oakland Mills Community must have been perplexed watching the four members of Team Dominate speeding on foot through the neighborhood carrying a watermelon. Despite the relatively heavy baton, their middle of the pack finish was impressive. Other teams carried a variety of smaller fruit batons in this annual 4 x 2M relay race.
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14 Teams
1. We Will Plummel You 45:14
	Michael Dusenbery
	John Chall
	Luis Diaz
	Frank Hemingway

2. Lime Green Machine 46:45
	Jake Williams
	Phil Rogers
	Eric Schuler
	Greg Schuler

3. No Name 50:12
	Majid Waheed
	Peter Sammis
	Jay Kuvelker
	Dylan Marty

4. Lime 50:56
	Andreas Mitchell
	Kate Albertini
	Matt Francis
	Eric Feinstein

5. The Shoes 55:53
	Trevor Hsu
	Thomas Hsu
6. Raisin in the Sun 56:09
	Marc Burger
	Chad Burger
	Mike Fleming
	Mark Worley

7. Team Dominate 59:33
	J P Allera
	Nick Allera
	John Brown
	Travis Boccher

8. Kiwis & Dodos 59:46
	Ben Drgon
	Jana Drgonova
	Rachael Krieger
	Nick Crnkovich

9. E-Lemonators 61:18
	David Mikulis
	Patrick Mikulis
	Dwight Mikulis

10. Team Fruity Pebbles 61:46
	Eric Tucker
	Charlie Riesz
	Bonnie Pilkington
	Dennis Boucher

11. OMGDT 62:27
	Ellie Davidson Wolf
	Phyllis Sevik
	Justin Sevik
	Lou Robinson

12. Orange-U-A-Runner 62:29
	Kirk Gordon
	Sharyn Gordon
	Shirley Sameshima
	John Way

13. Team Frozen Bananas 67:51
	Greg Lepore
	Molly Lepore
	Carina Chattin
	Anders Chattin

14. P.G. Running Cranberries 70:18
	Cindy Cohen
	David Ferris
	Chris Caravoulias
	James Scarborough


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