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This is by far the best marathon training program in the area regardless of your ability or experience.
-- Lee Gallardo, 4:15 Fleet Feet Sports, owner
The variety of workouts, the quality of speed work, the focus of the schedules, and the exceptional coaching, igives a runner of any level the best possible preparation to run a personal best marathon
-- Mary Davidson, 3:04
Being trained and coached by accomplished runners and doctors who had my goals as their goals, this program was the right prescription to bring an injured runner back to form.
-- Bob Spearing, 3:38, First Time Marathoner
It was great to meet and train with others who had similar goals and ran the same pace I did. This is the best program in the area!
-- Karen Tomimatsu, 6:12 First time Marathoner

A new personal best? Qualifying for Boston? Entering your first Marathon? Or just getting started. Whatever your goal, we'll work with you on a program to achieve success; a program that includes expert analysis, speed sessions, hill workouts, guest speakers, clinics, 3 major road races and more!

With a combined 45 years of racing and coaching experience, our experts will help you achieve your goals!

"The greatest achievers in all walks of life have coaches"
Dr. Ron Kulik


1994 DC Road Runner of the year, 2:26 Marathon - personal best

Dr. Neil McLaughlin


Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, 1:08 Half Marathon Best

The Personal Best Marathon Training Program

Call today! 703.435.9446

This program is for beginners through elite marathoners. Only a limited number of runners will be accepted.


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