Ted Poulos: Still Winning After All These Years

At the Metric Marathon, Ted Poulos, 43, recaptured the overall male lead in the 2005 RacePacket Grand Prix Series. Leading the series is not new to Ted: he won the 1998 and 2003 series, finished second in 2000 and 2001, third in 1999 and 2002, and fourth in 2004.

Poulos’ Grand Prix awards are but one facet of an accomplished running career. He has been racing for 21 years in over 3,300 races. (Ted meticulous nature leads him to keep careful records of them all.) His frequent racing lead him to run more races in a calendar year, 337 in 2003, than anyone else in history.

However, Ted takes greatest pride in his winning the 40-44 age group championship at the National Masters Track and Field Meet 10K.

Ted now focuses on shorter races and track events. Poulos gave up running marathons in 2001 after achieving his three goals at that distance: he won a marathon overall, he set a PR at the 100th Boston Marathon, and he ran in the Athens Marathon. Poulos felt that continued training for that distance would detract from his performance in shorter races.

Age group competition keeps Ted motivated. “It is critical. It keeps a lot of people racing and staying in shape. I see age groups as a motivating factor for me.” Ted enjoys most about running are his friends, opportunities to challenge himself, sees running as an important part of enjoying life in general. Poulos observes that as people age, many people drift into a sedentary life style, and running has help him avoid that. Running gives people an opportunity to do something natural and active.

Ted grew up in Sioux Falls SD, but enjoys living in the McLean, VA. He enjoys the variety that the DC area offers, including sports, the arts, concerts, and the better climate (as compared to Sioux Falls winters.) Ted started to run after college to stay in shape, and finds time to do so despite a full time career as a Business Manager with EDS.

Ted finds many of the Grand Prix Series races to be “very competitive.”

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