Thank you for entering the 4th annual Grant-Pierce Indoor Marathon and 50K!

Some last-minute information:

1. Georgetown Running Company wil join us on Sunday and serve NUUN electrolyte replacement drink. They will also show off New Balance RC 5000s and RC 1600s and Saucony Fast Twitch, all specially designed for indoor track.

We will also have water, Gatorade, and PowerGels (lemon, non-caffeinated).

2. We have further research from Andy Milroy, International Association of Ultrarunners statistician, on world records, if any, at indoor 50K. The records are sketchy, and perhaps all previous indoor 50Ks were run on non-standard tracks (neither 200m nor 220y). Please visit for Andy's information, also results of the 2012 Bislett 50K Indoors, which was on a non-standard track.

3. More biographies are aso available on . Our announcer Chuck Williams will use your story!

4. Please, we still need 3-4 manual timers to keep track of lap times as back-up for your possible world records. Please use our volunteer sign-up formto sign up your friends and family as volunteers.

5. Many have asked this question: Does my marathon count after I finish 211 laps, if I decide to go on to 50K (250 laps).

The answer: YES. Your marathon time is your clocking for the first 211 laps, even if you continue on for another 39 laps to get to 50K, and even if you don't get all the way to 50K.

6. We hope you like the t-shirt -- it's the imager of the belt-buckle in gold and bronze. Quite striking, and the material is Sport Science's unique wearable sweat-wicking fabric.

7. We will circulate a petition asking USATF and Boston Athletic Association to recognize indoor marathons and 50Ks as standard events, with national records and as Boston Marathon qualifiers.

8. Please wear your bib number visibly on the front of your shirt or shorts, so our manual timekeepers can track your laps.

We look forward to welcoming you on Sunday. Packet pick-up opens in front of TJ starting at 8:15 AM. Doors open at 8:30 AM, race starts at 9:00, time limit 6 hours. doors close at 3:30 PM (sorry about that).

Thank you
Jay Jacob Wind, president, Tidal Basin Run
James Scarborough, secretary, Tidal Basin Run